Let's Hear It For Sexy Baldies!!

Let's Hear It For Sexy Baldies!!

I have a weakness for bald men. Anyone else find baldies to be very sexy? My husband started losing his hair in his twenties, so he's already pretty much bald, but now he shaves what is left of his hair, leaving him with a cue ball. I love rubbing my hands all over the top of his head to feel how he is shaped, bumps and all.

There are lots of very sexy men who are bald. Why are there so many bald men in action movies? Take the "L" out of "bald" and you get "bad", and most of these men are bad-asses. Here is a short list of my favorite bald men:

Bruce Willis
Vin Diesel
Jason Statham
Vinnie Jones
Patrick Stewart
The Rock
Billy Zane
Dominic Purcell
Yul Brynner
Cal Ripkin
Ed Harris
Ving Rhames
Arnold Vosloo
Mitch Pileggi
Michael Clark Duncan
Sean Connery
Samuel L. Jackson
Michael Chiklis
Telly Savalas
Michael Ironside

Even Mr. Clean is sexy!

Some sexy bald women:

Demi Moore
Sigourney Weaver
Sinead O’Connor
Natalie Portman
The one who started it all: Persis Khambatta in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”.

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