Anne Heche's Ex: She's An Unfit Mother

Anne Heche Coley Laffoon
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Coley Laffoon backlashes after Anne Heche calls him a "lazy ass" on Letterman.

Anne Heche used a quarter of her ten-minute interview on last night's interview with David Letterman to bash her ex-husband Coley Laffoon, calling him a "lazy ass" and saying that six months after their divorce has been settled (which resulted in his receiving a reported $3,700 every month in child support and a lump sum of $275,000), he is still obsessed with hanging out with her, as she told Letterman, "because I'm so fantastic." YourTango: Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Washington Post's Celebritology posted the video that shows when Dave asked what ex Coley does, Anne replied, "Dave, he goes out to the mailbox and he opens [it], and he goes, 'Oh, I got a check from Anne!'" She said all he wants to spend his days doing is coaching soccer for their seven-year-old son Homer's team, an activity during which Anne says Coley runs "around in your tight shorts like trying to pretend that you know how to play soccer." Celebrity Love - Ellen & Portia: No Kids For Us—Pets Are The Best

Coley, a camerman Anne married shortly after her split from Ellen Degeneres, is pissed. This morning low-profile blogs like Puggal report him as saying that he doesn't think Anne is fit to raise Homer because of her reckless personality and erratic dating patterns. According to Web chatter, Coley has reportedly requested $33,000 per month in spousal support. In June 2007 the San Francisco Gate reported that Laffoon said Anne exhibited behavior that was "bizarre and delusional" and practiced "poor parenting skills." Coley was rewarded with custody of Homer after the trial. Homer stays in Los Angeles with his dad, according to the judge's ruling.

Currently Heche is involved with former Men in Trees co-star and Hugh Grant lookalike James Tupper, with whom she has five-month-old son Atlas Heche Tupper. It doesn't sound like the two will marry, as she told Letterman, "Forever engaged is a wonderful romantic thing to do."

Besides, any man—or woman—who proposes to her now is clearly a glutton for public dissing.

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