Kate Gosselin Is Lonely; Jon's Sick Of 'Nightmare'

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Jon Gosselin tells Us Weekly he wants to stop taping while Kate's in denial about their divorce.

Yet again this weekend it was reported that Kate Gosselin is still wearing her wedding band.

She and husband Jon of TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 filed for divorce late last spring after their season's shocker finale in which they announced their decision to part ways. Jon's summer has been filled with exotic vakays and weirder, younger women while Kate has been the one seen more often with their children.

Kate may be in denial about what lies ahead. She told Larry King on CNN last night when he asked her how it feels to be single, "I am not yet divorced officially," and as the official split draws near, she's not seeing dozens of suitors. She said, "I'm lonely, but I'm very busy." Why Am I Still Single?

Meanwhile Jon is just over the whole thing. Yahoo OMG! is saying Jon told Us magazine, "I wish I had a nine to five job instead of the nightmare I'm living. This is 24-seven. I don't even want to do taping for the show anymore." But, reality calls. He says he has eight children and no real job and he has to pay the bills somehow (together he and Kate make a reported $75,000 per episode).

And yet according to Celebitchy, he seems to be effing that up too. It's reported he shirked a promotional appearance over the weekend and instead invited a bunch of girls to his hotel room, reported to have made out with one of them and then asked that nobody post any photos of the escapade on Facebook. Looks like he's learned a thing or two from the whole Hailey Glassman thing...or has he...

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.