Marijuana Use Dulls Sex For Men

marijuana bad for sex

Daily bong hits may be good for the potato chip industry, but not so much for your sex life.

Life is a series of complicated trade-offs, folks. Let it never be said we didn't warn you.

Yesterday we stumbled upon an Australian study that reports men who smoke pot daily have four times as hard of a time climaxing during sex than those who don't. The study also notes that everyday potheads report premature ejaculation at three times the rate of non-smokers. Brutal! It seems like this would really make a guy take a long, hard look at their bong friend the next time they sat down for a session. The Truth About Robin Wright & Sean Penn's Split

Regardless, the men surveyed (a group of 16-64 year olds) must really get the potent stuff because they're also twice as likely to have two or more sexual partners a year than those who don't have a constant stash.

That just seems like a shoddy deal for the poor ladies. Our hearts go out to the unsuspecting woman who ends up in bed with either a marathon man or quick shooter. Both fairly undesirable options

Speaking of women, the study also notes that ladies who smoke everyday are seven times as likely to test positive for an STD. On the bright side, they don't report any other sexual problems.

While this absolutely sounds like a walking D.A.R.E. ad, if you happen to be cut from the pothead cloth—take heed, this doesn't necessarily mean that marijuana equals a life of diseased, sexual dysfunction. Sting's Tantric Sex Rumors Are Totally Bogus

The researchers duly note that other factors—age, alcohol, tobacco use along with other drugs—are all likely to affect the outcome.

Make sure to keep this in mind if you happen to run across a dating prospect who's already in a committed relationship with his herb and glass pieces, however.