Ryan Jenkins Suffered Sex Addiction

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Jasmine Fiore's and Ryan Jenkins' deaths reveal the truth about his rage and obsession with sex.

Radar Online has published an exclusive on what lay behind the Ryan Jenkins/Jasmine Fiore deaths. Turns out there's an explanation for why Ryan allegedly killed his wife of five months: not having sex drove him crazy. Celebrity Love: Did Reality Show Reject Murder Jasmine Fiore?

Previous speculations about what caused the murder pointed to her contact with an ex-boyfriend and their texting back and forth the night before she died. It was suspected that Ryan had seen the texts and murdered Jasmine as a result, but now, his longtime friend has come forward and said that what lay at the root of Ryan's rage was not jealousy, but sex addiction.

The friend told Radar, "Sex was constantly on [Ryan's] mind. It’s all he talked about.” The friend said that two years ago on Ryan's 30th birthday, he and his friends hired two strippers. Ryan reportedly tore off all of his clothes and made a scene in front of the whole crowd, trying to get both of the girls to have sex with him. When neither of the girls would oblige, he went ballistic and turned violent, and the party dispersed immediately. Says his friend, "He was drunk and nasty."

Like at the infamous party, alcohol also appeared to be a factor in the fight between Ryan and Jasmine that ended with her naked body stuffed inside a suitcase. She and Ryan had been at a poker tournament in San Diego the night before her murder. After police pursued him with a warrant for arrest, Ryan Jenkins' body was discovered hanging in a hotel room in Canada on Sunday.

Photo courtesy Flickr user Oldmaison.