Broken-Heart Rx: The Internet

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Sites like reveal how the Internet can help you cope with a breakup.

Web 2.0 may be the most cathartic thing to happen to breakups since a pimply middle schooler invented slam books.

Recently, we happened upon a charming little website called The concept is very simple: Much in the way that publishes postcards with people's deepest secrets written on them, DearOldLove posts small, poignant notes from people who have one last thing to say to that one old love. Under the guise of anonymity, it's surprising how much that is left unsaid between ex-lovers can find itself out in the open for all to read. Read: Ways To Let Go Of An Emotional Love Affair

Some of our favorites from (Brace yourselves, some of these are bummers):

• "I’d still like to go skydiving with you, only now it’s just an excuse to push you out of an airplane."

• "I will never forget how much you meant to me and how little I meant to you."

•  "When your new hippie friends abandon you, I’ll be here waiting. With Taco Bell."

• "I would follow your Twitter through the very gates of Hell. (I think I already have.)"

• "Just because it was in a public restroom doesn’t mean that there wasn’t something there."

• "You say you’re lonely since I left. Not as lonely as I was when we were together."

Now that the Internet has grown into a two-way street full of anonymous drivers, it has become a means of therapy for some people with relationship frustrations and/or regret. Whether you turn those feelings into a full-on blog a la or vent anonymously to an online community, the Internet is, for many, the new way to cope with everything from dirty socks to heartbreak. Read: When You Google Regrets

Given the overwhelming amounts of unrequited love and breakup angst on, we're kind of curious, what's been left unsaid between you and an ex?