Survey: Sleep Is Better Than Sex

sex vs sleep

A good night's sleep appears to trump great sex for Westin guests.

I'm sure that some of you are Frankie Goes To Hollywood fans and I'm only going to say it once, "Relax. Don't do it." According to (not a Frankie fansite), people would rather a decent bit of rest than a great roll in the hay.

While you'd think a site entitled "" would have a bias to report news that showed sleep in a better light*, the study was commissioned by the hotel chain Westin. And, as a hotel chain, they could care less if you're doing it or sleep, as long as it's in a Westin.

While difference was razor-thin, it's noteworthy because of the change over the last survey. Westin conducted a similar study 10 years ago and 31 percent of the survey-takers wanted sleep instead of sex then (compared to 51 percent of the more than 12,000 respondents this time around). Anyone who has suffered from sleeping problems would probably agree with these results and possibly think that 49 percent of people must be serious sex fiends.Read: A Good Night's Rest Improves Relationships

The main rationale behind the inability to sleep is technology. Apparently, lodgers at Westins are just too connected. BlueBerries and iTelephones** have made an uninterrupted night of rest difficult. Work, entertainment and information are just too close. For instance, 5 years ago if you'd woken up at 3 AM and wanted to know who the President of Malaysia was, you'd have to get up and use the interweb, if your hotel had it. Nowadays, you just roll over, grab your CrackBerry, hit the Google button and, voila, you learn that Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy led by a prime minister not a president (which you also could have learned from watching Zoolander On Demand). Read: Gadgets Forcing Couples To Separate Beds

The only problem with this study, in my humble presumption, is that many of the Westin guests, frequent travelers, the lot of them, are not representative of the population. Travel, particularly overseas travel, is stressful and wreaks havoc on one's Circadian rhythms. Plus, regular travelers are generally business travelers and typically ones with jobs that require relating quite a bit of information back to the home office, which could be up to 12 time zones away. Read: Men Sleep Better Beside A Partner. Women Not So Much

While I don't have any doubts that modern technology is a shock to our system when it comes to sleep, let's not give up on sex quite so quickly. I'd like to see this survey conducted among a much more diverse subset of people before we draw any conclusions. I'd like to point out that I don't sleep well, and I'm on the fence on this one because, my God, hotel room sex is a completely different animal. Eh, comrades? Read: A Good Night's Sleep

If you think we have it bad, you have to imagine the kind of shock early people were in for when Prometheus yoinked fire from the gods. Suddenly, you could do activities at night that required more light than the stars (also gods) could provide.

What say you, a nice night's sleep or a brilliant session of sex?

*Like would prefer to show positive news about intercourse.
**To say nothing of the PDA.