Nelly And Ashanti Were Dating, Now Split

Nelly, Ashanti

The couple managed to stay below the radar for 4 year but then called it quits.

The guys over at the New York Daily News (towards the bottom) are reporting that Nelly (born Cornell Haynes) and Ashanti* (Ashanti Douglas) have split. You may not have known that the rapper and R & B songstress cum actress were even an item, we didn't. But people "in the know" claim that the two had been going at it, on and off and a little on the DL (natch), for around four years. Read: Nelly And Ashanti: Gettin' Hot In Herre!

The two had collaborated on a handful of tracks including "Switch" and "Body On Me," but probably won't again as "insiders" say the two split because one of them (the lady) was ready to settle and the other (the gentleman) still had a little fun left in his old bones. Per Bossip, the two haven't seen each other in some time and Nelly is back on the prowl. (FYI: "chop down" means to have sex with.)

Nelly managed to have some amount of fun despite their breakup as he was spotted with video actress Jessica Rabbit (AKA Melyssa Ford, she's not bad, she's just drawn that way) bouncing around Las Vegas and Miami recently. That probably means it's over between Nelly and Ashanti. Hanging out with a video vixen in Las Vegas is one thing (seriously, who among us hasn't?) but taking a girl to a nice, wholesome place like Miami is something else entirely.

It's sort of surprising that it wasn't a bigger deal that they were a couple. Sure, their luster has dulled a bit in recent years, but gossipmongers, particularly in the hip-hop community, have grown volumes since then. Maybe they got tips from Jay-Z and Beyonce on how to keep things on the low-low. 

*Fun fact: Ashanti is the name of the major ethnic Ghanese group. I hope you're Ghana remember that.

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