Sting’s Tantric Sex Rumors Are Totally Bogus

sting tantric sex

Rocker friend, Bob Geldof started the Sting Tantric sex rumors just for kicks.

Eight-hour lovemaking sessions? Hook, line and Sting-er.

The Police frontman and wife Trudie Styler's legendary sex sessions singlehandedly tossed the phrase "Tantric sex" into the media forefront—causing people everywhere to secretly Google it and wonder, "Why can't I last that long?" Read: Tantric Sex 101

Well no fear one-minute men and women, the Tantric sex god himself can't last that long either. As it turns out, the whole thing was a sham created by the couple's musician friend and very excellent liar, Bob Geldof.

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the pair's daughter Coco spoke to New York Daily News recently and insisted the sex rumors began as a practical joke masterminded by Geldof.Read: The Wrong Kind Of Tantra?

"Bob Geldof made up this thing and it stuck—and it's an international joke," she said. "It's embarrassing when people bring it up."

The singer also confirms that Geldof is responsible for his sexual reputation: "We were chatting and talking about having hours of sex. It then became really a joke which went around the world like a forest fire." Read: Heather Graham A Tantric Sex Guru

Now what are friends for, if not to gratuititously inflate your sexual prowess among the general public? And with a name like Sting and a face like that of an immovable stone, who else could have pulled this off? Well played, Sting and Co., well played.

Scoop via SF Gate. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.