Do You Hate Your Pretty Friends?

Pretty Friend, Enemy?

Don't turn your pretty friend into "the enemy," here's why!

Ryan asked us this morning what kind of men we prefer to date. I want to talk about what kind of girlfriends we like having. Okay, let's be honest—you know which of your friends are beautiful. You know when your friend gets more guys than you.

I have some beautiful friends. And I like looking at them. Period. I do not feel competition (but then again, an ex once called me the "least competitive person on the planet"). Some women feel threatened by their prettier peers. Why do we do this, girls? I know that insecurity plays a part, but I mean, let's all try to enjoy our friends' beauty. And don't forget the perks: Let her get you into the club. Let some guy try to impress her by buying all her friends a round of drinks! Maybe the guy hitting on her has some funny friends you can talk to. Ain't no shame sifting through the leftovers. Pretty People Get Free Things

Now if my friends were always getting guys and I was always getting ignored, then I might need to find additional friends that would make me feel more like a big fish in a small pond. It's a tough call. Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker says you're not supposed to look for men at the gym because that's where there are loads of thinner, younger, prettier women wearing Spandex. This is sage advice, but I also believe that pretty friends are not the enemy. Average Is The New Hot

Now let's discuss: Are your friends prettier than you? Do they have more game? Are you confident and comfortable with having pretty friends?

Written by Erin Meanley for Single-ish.

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