Robert Pattinson Would Prefer To Date Models?

robert pattinson

R Pattz appears to want more of the trappings of a movie superstar.

Robert Pattinson is single? Robert Pattinson is dating Kristen Stewart? Robert Pattinson is boning Camilla Belle? Robert Pattinson is crushing on Emilie de Ravin? Robert Pattinson is playing the media like the devil plays a fiddle?

Frankly, Robert Pattinson's actions, motives and even whereabouts are a total cipher. It's as if someone, somewhere knows that the media, the commoners, the aristocracy and even the church will be glued to every bit of Robert Pattinson news if it's totally confusing, misleading and mesmerizing. That being said, the latest wrinkle in "R Pattz's" love life is this: Lime Life says the mysterious hunk of charm is really digging models these days.

The Twilight star says, "You sit there and you're like, 'I'm a big movie star and I want to go out with some models' but I don't know why that doesn't happen." The good-looking, if somewhat pale, actor goes out of his way to mention that he DOES NOT have a girlfriend and he's not sure why the trappings of superstardom haven't just fallen into his lap. Read: Sex With Robert Pattinson Is Amazing

There are several likely explanations to Robert Pattinson's plight: 1) he's not that smart and is easily confused, 2) he is just stringing the world along to keep interest in his latest project high, or 3) he escaped from Disney's create-a-star laboratories before his training and general inculcation was complete and therefore is ill-equipped to handle the rigors of superstardom but is too famous for Disney to capture and submit to re-indoctrination. Read: 8 Celebrities Who Crush On Robert Pattinson

Occam's Razor tells us that #2 is pretty dang likely and he'll keep the world guessing until we find a marriage license with his and Kristen Stewart's name on it.

Any chance of following the Day Without Megan Fox with a break from Robert Pattinson news?

Photos via Bauer-Griffin