An Incredible Wedding Ring Rescue

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A Kiwi man found his wedding band 16 months after dropping it in a bay.

The ring is a powerful item. It has no beginning and no end. It's usually made of metal and it says a lot more about a person than any other jewelry (except for, perhaps, a crown).

Men have been known to order their own fingers be removed rather than sacrifice their rings. Men tiny in stature but large in heart have marched to the end of the (Middle) Earth for the sake of a ring. And men have even been known to take off their wedding rings lest they sully it by hitting on women with it upon their fingers*.

But a man from New Zealand (where else) really takes the cake with his wedding ring adventure. According to Reuters, Aleki Taumoepeau let his ring slip off of his finger in a harbor nearing Wellington, NZ 16 months before he eventually found it. Essentially, he marked the general vicinity where the symbol of his eternal love, respect and loyalty fell and came back many, many times. Read: A Vacation From My Wedding Ring

His wife insisted that she'd buy him another ring but he persisted. Eventually, the kindly Kiwi found the ring on the seafloor. He said that the darn thing was just lying there as he dove down and recovered it. Maybe it's a sign of our times that I immediately thought, "hmm, fishy," and "maybe he decided to stop seeing his many, many mistresses" or "maybe he finally found someone to duplicate the exact ring, which he'd taken off while visiting a buddy in the big city of Auckland 16 months ago" or "maybe he bet a friend that he could not wear a wedding ring for 16 months and get away with it by making up some crazy story about the bay of Wellington." But screw it, I believe in Aleki Taumoepeau. According to me, this guy is a straight shooter, I just thank God it wasn't a contact lens, for his sake.

Unfortunately, Aleki Taumoepeau, straight shooter that he is, set an unbelievably high bar for the rest of the gender. Add Aleki Taumoepeau to the list of dudes who make the rest of us look like we're a bunch of romantically inept, unsentimental sacks of "you could do better." Read: Top 10 Excuses For Not Wearing A Wedding Ring

Any great stories of wedding band recovery? We'd love to hear 'em.

*Seriously, men only take off their rings when flirting with women to protect their rings' integrity. No other reason.