What Do Our Dreams Mean?

dream analysis
Love, Self

Share your dreams with us and we'll ask our dream expert to analyze them.

Does dreaming about sex with a coworker reveal a subconscious attraction to him? How should I interpret a recurring dream that I'm married and someone's trying to steal my baby—when in reality I'm single and childless? Why was I riding a carousel with my mother-in-law last night?

If you remember your dreams, you no doubt would like to know what they mean—especially the crazy ones. (And if you don't, real-life Ghost Whisperer Mary Ann Winkowski has a tip to help you remember them.)

We've recruited a top dream expert to shed some light on the stories our minds tell us while we sleep. Have a relationship-related dream you want analyzed? Describe it in the comments below by next Wednesday, August 26. We'll select several to share with our expert and include the results our dream write-up the following week.

Until then, get dreaming!