Did Reality Show Reject Murder Jasmine Fiore?

Jasmine Fiore murder Ryan Alexander Jenkins

Ryan Alexander Jenkins suspected of murder after being booted from "Megan Wants A Millionaire."

You know those scenes on dating reality shows where the newly-rejected sits in an airport-bound limo and cries? You usually think they're flying home to their families, right? Celebrity Love: Bachelorette - 'I Feel So Awful' About Ed's Flings

Ryan Alexander Jenkins, however, tried to rebound by hitting up Las Vegas. When Megan Hauserman booted Ryan off her VH1 show Megan Wants A Millionaire last week, apparently he jetted off to Vegas, found a strip club, and met former Playboy model Jasmine Fiore (also known as Jasmine Kincaid). He married her sometime around Friday, and now he's wanted for her murder. YourTango/Fox News iMag: Rebound Relationships - A Man's Approach

According to the Examiner, Jasmine's suitcase-stuffed body was found inside of a trash bin in Buena Park, California in Orange County early Saturday morning. It's reported Ryan,32, called police to report Jasmine missing and then fled town. He's currently wanted on the run, and police believe he may have booked it back to his hometown of Calgary, Canada. TMZ has posted a photo of the car cops think he may have driven out of California. So far he seems to be the only suspect in Jasmine Fiore's murder.

What would drive a handsome richie-rich like Ryan to commit such a heinous crime to a beautiful woman he'd just met and married? It could be his inability to cope with rejection. Apparently he had a real thing for Megan Hauserman, whom he told he wouldn't force to sign a prenup if she became his wife. The Examiner's saying he showered her with gifts and took her on a star-studded date, and it's likely that an egotist like Ryan wouldn't do well with not being in control of a romance. TMZ reported that he was a finalist on the show, which started with a cast of 17. Maybe it's time VH1 dethrones Megan from her gold-digging TV pursuits. It may not illustrate everyone's reality, but clearly it does affect people's lives.

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