Robin Wright Penn's Mess-Free Divorce

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Robin Wright Penn's divorce looks real this time, but she's playing shockingly fair.

After all she's been through during 20 tumultuous with Sean, Robin Wright Penn officially filed for divorce late last week in Marin County, California. According to our count, this is the third time the Penns have threatened each other with papers. Celebrity Love: Robin Wright Penn: "I'm Happy And Angry"

With Sean's alleged affairs with younger actresses and substance abuse, the marital unraveling hasn't been an easy thing for Robin. Last spring Sean presented her with divorce papers seemingly out of the blue, after she'd just given an interview to a high-profile U.K. women's publication stating how perfectly happy their marriage was. She told the press that indeed she felt blindsided, then in May the pair reconciled for a few months. Celebrity Love: Sean Penn and Robin Wright Not Divorcing?

She reportedly told More magazine that she has no plans to reconcile this time, but as the legal talk gets underway, she's not trying to be a ballbuster.  CNN has reported that Robin and Sean are agreeing to a clean break, in which they've already divided their material goods. They'll also share custody of their 16-year-old son Hopper Jack, while daughter Dylan Frances, no longer a minor at 18, will head to college at the end of this summer.

The most riveting detail about the split is that Robin doesn't appear to be after Sean's money. CNN reports, "Wright not seeking spousal support."

It's a noble feat to rise above the animosity of divorce, so just what is Robin's heart-break factor? Preparing to be an empty nester now that her kids are grown and she'll be single again. quotes her saying, "At least twice a week, I pull over and sob." However, she's ready for the family to move on. "It's an emotionally full time, but it's not sad. I can't wait for Dylan to go [out and] live."