Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz's Major Public Spat

Buzz, Heartbreak

Perez Hilton gets the scoop and winds up in Twitter war with Ashlee.

There may be trouble in eyeliner paradise. Perez Hilton reported on Monday that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and hubby Pete Wentz got into a huge, public fight after Ashlee downed one too many drinks at the one-year anniversary party of Wentz's Chicago bar, Angels and Kings.

According to the gossip hound's "multiple" eyewitnesses, a belligerent Simpson-Wentz went over to the booth where her husband was DJing, said he was acting "horrible" and yelled at him to leave. The two began to make a scene and left their own party early. Read: 9 Things To Say During A Fight

Hilton also reports that Ashlee drunkenly chased down a photographer who took pictures of her leaving the club and demanded their deletion. Read: Doing It With A Drunk

The Melrose Place actress has since taken damage control into her own hands. To prove all was well, she first tweeted to her Fall Out Boy hubby: "I had so much fun with ur parents last night. Thanx for dedicating the dj set to me. Love you more magic. I miss u already." Then, she turned her Twitter claws on Perez. 

"When all you do is make up untrue stories—look in the mirror. Do you even feel human?? Karma is a bitch. Your story is WAY off," she wrote.

Always up for an opportunity to be catty, Perez quickly retorted with a few remarks of his own. He suggested that the singer needed rehab and defended his sources.

"I don't wanna name names and get people fired but several of the people I spoke with work at Angels & Kings. I'm not wrong," he responded.

To that, Ashlee volleyed back "WRONG. My husband is an amazing dj and was dedicating songs to me. We were just havin fun. Our love is amazing. Get ur own life."Read: 10 Songs That Reveal Men's Hearts

Whatever the truth may be, isn't it nice to know that nowadays, instead of fists, you can let your tweets do the talking?

Scoop via Perez Hilton and E! Online. Pictures via Bauer-Griffin