Mark Sanford's Wife Praying; Mistress Photos

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Maria Belen Chapur photos emerge just as Jenny Sanford says she's praying for husband's mistress.

New details have emerged about Mark Sanford's mistress and his marriage, most compelling of which may be the latest photos of his mistress Maria Belen Chapur. Mark Sanford: Mistress Is My "Soul Mate"

Last night LA Late published photos of Chapur, an Argentine television journalist and translator who was described in June to Huffington Post by a bartender who saw Sanford and Chapur on a cuddly date as having green eyes, dirty blonde hair and a "banging body." She's also a 43-year-old divorced mother of two.

Other recent photos suggest she's keeping a low profile these days. In July Hollywood Gossip published pics of her dressed casually and gripping groceries, just in time for Mark's vacation with his wife Jenny to determine the future of their marriage.

Today Hollywood Gossip's excerpted quotes from a recent Vogue interview illustrate how Jenny Sanford has reportedly braced herself for the worst. She says that while she and Mark are not two people madly in love, they were dear friends and very compatible partners. She reveals that she too would like an exotic affair with someone 5,000 miles away, but considering their family, it's just not "realistic." In a graceful quote Jenny says she's praying for Maria Belen Chapur and thinks she must be a "fine woman," while she does question her judgment.

And amazingly, it sounds like Jenny may be open to reconciliation with her husband. She told Vogue, "All I can do is forgive. Reconciliation is going to be a harder road. I have put my heart and soul into being a good mother and wife. Now it’s up to my husband to do the soul-searching to see if he wants to stay married."

Photo courtesy Flickr user ghwpix.