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10 Things Not To Say To A Co-Worker Crush

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Given that most people spend 2,000 hours a year at work, it's likely that at some point, a co-worker will make you want to dip your pen in the company ink. Forty percent of people have done it. Lemondrop: Find True Love (and 11 Other Things You Can Do Over a Coffee Break)

Sure there are risks: Meeting-table awkwardness, colleague gossip and a sullied reputation. But on the upside, you might get to do it on your boss's desk. Avoid these conversation clichés to stay on the fast track to some serious job satisfaction. Lemondrop: Report Reveals That Men Like When Women Work; We Reveal Why

10. "I hate my job."
We get it—you're trying to forge a common interest. But with this you might inadvertently insult him, seem like a whiner or never bond over any other topics besides your shared work enemies. Save your gripe for the suggestion box. Lemondrop: Ask an HR Rep -- 'I Didn't Get a Raise ... What Next?'

9. "Can you put in a good word with the boss for me?"
If you helped out with something, sure. But if this is your idea of a "favor," you're blurring the line between personal and professional. Best to keep your career development on your own turf. 

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