Wills And Kate To Tie The Knot?


Prince rumored to be planning a royal engagement.

British tabloids are reporting that the heir to the crown and his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton, have agreed to marry, and plan to make it legal some time before William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, celebrates her Golden Jubilee in 2012. Sources say that Kate has begun taking "princess classes" to help her make the adjustment to being part of the royal family, and if we've learned anything from the oeuvre of Anne Hathway, that means Julie Andrews has been putting books on her head and Hector Elizondo has been teaching her which forks to use. Or was that Pretty Woman?

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "In the past, there have been some terrible failings. Not least was the case of William's own mother, who had absolutely not the faintest idea what she was getting into. The hope is that, with careful preparation, Kate won't be overwhelmed by the red-carpet factor when they marry."

Wills and Kate attended the wedding of his close friend Nick van Cutsem to Alice Hadden-Paton on Friday. With all that compound baggage, we're guessing their children will have ridiculous, transcendent names like Bitsy and Hieronymus. William was reportedly a bit shocked that Nick proposed to Alice after only 18 months of dating, and might be feeling some pressure to put on an opulent royal wedding of his own, since he and Kate have been together nearly eight years. And it couldn't come at a better time. Think of what an insanely gigantic wedding would do to lift Britain out of recession! The required sequins and lace alone could revive the country's depressed manufacturing sector. 5 Secrets To Surviving Wedding Season

William's brother, Harry, was also a member of the wedding party, so you know what that means: fancy cravats! The princes and their fellow ushers and groomsmen wore elaborate morning suits, the likes of which are never seen outside of royal weddings and the occasional over-the-top episode of Bridezillas, while Kate wore a smashing blue coat and matching hat. With such acute taste in chapeaux, how can she not be a princess? I Want A Fairy-Tale Wedding!

Via LA Examiner and UK Telegraph. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.