Rob And Kristen's Sex On Fire (Or, Kissing)

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart shock crowd with PDA at Kings of Leon concert this weekend.

Finally Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are convincing the last of the non-believers that indeed, they are an item. Robert Pattinson Confirms Romance With Kristen

To recap the romantic mega-developments over the last two weeks: we've closely tracked their recent days-on-end together and Robert's reported confirmation to the press that yes, he and Kristen are "back on." Two weeks ago they were spotted together all around Hollywood, including at a couple-y lunch with friends and in the same posh hotel room at a West Hollywood chateau. Then last week as the Twilight cast took off for Vancouver to film Eclipse, Nikki Reed blurted in front of reporters that she'd spotted paparazzi photos of Rob and Kristen's rendesvouz and thought they should be keeping their lusty PDAs a little more private. (Nikki is said to be Kristen's best friend and Rob's old flame.)

This weekend they made it clear they're not listening. Saturday night the Eclipse cast attended a Kings of Leon concert in Vancouver, and Popsugar's sharing a slew of photos of Robert and Kristen seated side-by-side laughing and canoodling. One intimate photo shot in the dark shows Rob pulling Kristen in close with his hand wrapped sexily around her head, and judging how you can't see either of their faces, it appears they're in an intense liplock. In other shots they are nose-to-nose and smiling in a chat, exhibiting body language that seems to scream, We are a thing.

Clearly Robert and Kristen are taking advantage of Canada as a place to do what they want. In the photos both of them appear to be sipping on beers (drinking age in Vancouver is 19), and in one shot Kristen looks like she's smoking. As this duo blossoms into adults and their romance finally explodes, they're getting more and more comfortable in their status as Hollywood's cool elite.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.

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