Kourtney Kardashian Loves Her Big Boobs

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The pregnant reality star shares this, and other jibberish, with People.

What's the first physical change Kourtney Kardashian noticed in her body after realizing she was pregnant?

"My boobs got really huge," she tells People.

Not that she's complaining. As anyone who's watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians knows, the Kardashian girls have no problems enjoying their bodies. And in Kourtney's case, pregnancy hasn't changed that.

"I'm really embracing it," she says of the ten pounds she's gained since accidentally becoming pregnant on the pill. "I feel like it's such a beautiful thing, that every woman who goes through it should embrace it (and their boobs)."

Kourtney certainly sounds wise. So wise that we might even be tempted to pass her words onto other pregnant women struggling with body image issues. But then she opens her mouth again and reminds us of why she's being paid to make out with other women on camera rather than write the next edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

"I think if you're naturally skinny, and pregnant, and that's how your body is, that's fine."


Is she saying that if you're skinny and pregnant, it's okay because your body is pregnant? Or, that if you start skinny, it's fine to be pregnant, because you'll be skinny again? Or, maybe that fat people shouldn't get pregnant because they're not naturally skinny? 

We have no idea of what information she's trying to relay... but she loves her big boobs!

Kourtney and (now live-in) boyfriend Scott Disick's baby will arrive around Christmas.

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