Oprah And Stedman Part Ways?

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Buzz, Heartbreak

Rumor has it that Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham have split. Gayle King's cool, though.

According to the World Weird Webs (really The National Enquirer via TheFrisky), Oprah Winfrey and long-long-long term stud Stedman Graham have split. Rumor The Enquirer has it that the media mogul was on vacation with her bestie, Gayle King, when Stedman moved his belongings out of their home. It's hard to trust The National Enquirer with all the smack they've been talking about the bat boy these last few decades but they did nail that John Edwards story, so we'll sally forth into this territory lightly.

As you may very well recall, many people have been somewhat skeptical of the Stedman-Oprah situation for years. Their relationship over the last two decades have periodically been peppered with accusations of gold digging (also known as gigolo-ism) and beard-providing on his part and apathy on hers.

It's been said that Oprah's yo-yo weight issues have had in no small part to do with emotional problems tied to relationships issues. As a youth, Oprah had a number of crazy years and abusive or one-sided relationships. Part of her self-empowering appeal has to do with the strength of overcoming her self-destruction and denigration at the hands of people with emotional power of her. Read: Oprah's Relationship Advice

Rumor has it that the KFC grilled chicken giveaway (NBCWashington.com) cum debacle was Stedman's idea (the giveaway not the debacle, unless he secretly hates the Colonel). Maybe the distress to the good people at the Yum Corporation was the final straw for Oprah. Maybe the intervening 23 years pulled Stedman and Oprah in wildly different directions.

Hopefully, this news won't distress the Oprah faithful too much, i.e. if Oprah can't make it, what hope do the rest of us have? She'll be OK, she has her good friend Gayle King, a great career and over a billion dollars to soften the blow.

And if things really don't work out for her, she can go back to dating Roger Ebert or take Dave Chappelle up on his implicit offer to father her children.

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