Gosselin Brawl: Police, Hotel And...Wedding Bands?

Kate Gosselin divorce fight Jon Gosselin police
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Jon & Kate Gosselin drama hits an all-time high, but Kate wears wedding band for kids.

Gosselin activity has been relatively quiet this week, with the exception of Kate Gosselin's tearful appearance on Today where she told Meredith Vieira that her divorce is a result of the simple fact that she and Jon want different things out of life.

Their differences appear to have turned violent, as TMZ has reported that last night the police got involved. The site says that around midnight Jon and Kate "went ballistic on each other" and one of them called the cops. No one was arrested, and the police were only there a few minutes. After they left, Kate checked into a local hotel. TMZ reports that in their arrangement of equal custody, it's Jon's turn with the kids, and The Insider's saying that the fight seemed to have started when Kate showed up to the house unexpectedly and was pissed to find she didn't have access to the house.

We imagine it was a sleepless Days Inn night for Kate, as she's still demonstrating commitment to the marriage by wearing her wedding band. It's all for appearance, People.com says; Kate has no hope to reunite with Jon. She told Meredith Vieira that the kids know it's her "married to Daddy ring," so for now she's wearing it for their sake.

Good that the Gosselins are still showing their concern for their children...because you know, for little kids, there's nothing traumatic about the police showing up late at night to break up a brawl between Mom and Dad.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.