Sarah Palin's Impending Divorce

Buzz, Heartbreak

The former Alaskan Governor is getting divorced, according to Star magazine.

Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin already unexpectedly resigned from her position as governor this year, and according to Star magazine, is about to quit her 20-plus-year marriage. Palin had said the divorce rumors were untrue. Sarah Palin Fired Up Over Divorce Talk

In this issue of Star, Mercede Johnston, Levi Johnston's sister, opens up about the Palin's marriage. For those of you not following the Palin's inner lives, Levi Johnston is Bristol's (Sarah's oldest daughter) ex boyfriend, and the father of Bristol's baby.

Mercede told Star:

Sarah and Todd are fighting all the time. When they do, Todd often ends up sleeping on the couch at their home in Wasilla. If they ended their marriage within the next year, I wouldn't be surprised at all. It really seems to me their marriage is just a sham for the cameras now!

Levi Johnston, for his part, believes the Palin's unstable marriage is part of the reason the former governor stepped down from her job. Read: Career And Family: Can We Really Have Both?

He told that the two had problems from, "day one."  

Others believe the Palins are only together until Sarah's book deal is finalized, in order to give the proper happy-family impression to the public.

But if sources are to be believed, between the bickering between Sarah and Todd, Bristol’s unexpected pregnancy and rumors about Willow (Sarah's 15-year-old daughter) smoking pot and drinking vodka, their family may have more in common with Jon and Kate than the Bradys. Read: Jon And Kate Fight Over Money

Or, on reflection, perhaps the Palin family is just more similar to the typical American family than they would like to admit. Photos: 15 Common Divorce Mistakes

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.