Miley Twitters About Robert Pattinson, Heartbreak

Miley Twitters About Robert Pattinson, Heartbreak
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Miley Cyrus's heart is on her sleeve with a crush on Robert Pattinson and hurt feelings from her ex.

Miley Cyrus is known for her constant Twitter activity, and yet again she's using her profile to update us all on her love life.

While Miley has a history of bashing Robert Pattinson and publicly stating that she's been "not a huge fan" of the Twilight hunk and didn't get what all the fuss was about with other girls,

she met Robert over the weekend at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles. According to Miley's Twitter page, she finally gets the appeal. She tweeted Sunday after the awards taping, "Gave a hug to Robert Pattinson today. OK girls, I get it now. So cute. Sorry 'Robby' 'bout all my bashing in my past :)"

But apart from her new crush on Robert, this week 16-year-old Miley is using Twitter to voice her hangup on her ex, singer Justin Gaston, whose birthday was yesterday. Monday she wrote, "Nothing hurts like losing, when you know I'm already gone. Except for the pain of choosin to hold on to [sic] long," then late that night wrote, "Jammin' to "Single Ladies" :) I'm lovin' life!" The next day she leaned on brother Trace's cyber-shoulder, replying to him, "'You still give me a reason to sing. and even though your gone you're still all that i can see.'@tracecyrus that is exactly how I feel."

Since then the tweets have been more agitated, and it sounds as though the frustration may be directed at her old flame, after he recently replied to a female friend saying, "Your hugs are like medicine." Miley wants him to know she's happy and "I can't change you're [sic] mind and your heart no longer belongs to me." Sorrounding her other Justin-related activity, she makes it clear that she does not have a new boyfriend in Georgia: "I'd HATE for me to happy and make new friends! Stop accusing me of stuff!"

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