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Love, its like a rollercoaster.

Love, its like a rollercoaster.

Love, something that we have in our lifes all the time. It repeats itselfs over and over again. You find the perfect partner, fall in love, have a happy and perfect realationship think its going to last forever, you are on top of the moon, so happy and cheerful all you think about is that person you are in love with how you cant be without them and bang, months or even years if you are unlucky and he or she is not the one its over, you are upset and don't know what to think, the person you thought was perfect for you may be but the person that broke it off thought different, you think you will never get over it but you will.. maybe in a few weeks or months but you will. The truth is we all go through this, love is like a rollercoast and it will only stop once you find the one for you, hopefully you will find it quickly so you can lessen you hear-break.


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