The Links: Don't You Take Me To Cougar Town


Forgetting dating rules. Passing out after your wedding. And changing your name.

Because it's awash in a sea of mediocrity, we sometimes forget that there are some good things on the interwebs. I've scoured the entire nets (it took a while) for the best of love and relationships today so you wouldn't have to. Here goes: 

Over at Lemondrop, our good friend standup comic Allison Castillo (pronounced "kast-ill-oh") is fed up with the term "cougar." The Courtney Cox fall television show Cougar Town isn't helping things. Hopefully, the Bill Lawrence-created (Spin City, Scrubs) sitcom will use the time-tested comedic technique of pointing out the painfully obvious and exaggerating it. Check out the very funny Allison in our LoveFeed video series. Also Read: Five Reasons Being A Cougar Rocks

Speaking of favorite ladies, my buddy Lost Plum is fed up with your dating rules, America. And she will date as she damn well pleases. Check out which infractions she could give to doodles about.

Getting trashed at on a first date may be a gateway to things like getting trashed on a second date, drinking to excess at an engagement soiree, blacking out at the bachelorette party or, as Reuters tells us, passing out in a crate of vodka during or after one's wedding. 

Two more of my favorite ladies in the love and relationships space, Em & Lo (at, get the low down on some lube. And judging from the review, the author has gone from a lubri-can't to a lubri-can… but please don't call her a Lubri-dor Retriever.

Another poor bee has landed in Jezebel's bonnet. A survey suggests that over half of women want the government to mandate a woman change her name once married. Not surprising that the Jezebel ladies are against it; what is surprising is that they aren't ultra-irritated by the term "maiden name." One battle at a time, I guess. Read: The Great Name Debate

Remember that bloke Mazan Abdul-Jawad who thought it wise to get saucy on Saudi TV? Yeah, he's in trouble. And so is the station that ran his program, the Huffington Post gives further details of the debauched debacle.

Speaking of follow-up stories, Japanese men who love their pillows are not alone. Unfortunately, their surprising comrade-in-arms lives in far away Nigeria. The Frisky tells us about a young man who has no other options, so he'll make it legit with his pillow (Tokyo and Lagos aren't so different). Sources close to the couple say that the pillow, "has her doubts."Read: Love In Japan Keeps Getting Weirder

As always, holler if I'm missing any great stories or sites, no big whup, I'll check it out.