Reggie Miller's Flirty Indiscretions Hit The Sky

Love, Heartbreak

Angry fiancé hires a plane to fly a warning to basketball player.

Retired NBA star Reggie Miller has apparently crossed the wrong fashion heir. 

After reports of a sexting affair between Miller and Ali Kay, the fiancée of Alex von Furstenberg (son of designer Diane von Furstenberg), the latter took to the skies with a very public accusation this past Saturday. Read: Text Message Flirting For Beginners

According to TMZ, the younger Furstenberg hired a small plane to fly over Southern Californian beaches with an attached sign that read, "Reggie Miller Stop Pursuing Married Women." 

We wonder what Kay thinks of this expensive stunt. After all, if the reports are true, the 25-year-old clothing designer didn't exactly spurn Reggie's advances. Read: E-mail Flirtation: Are You Cheating?

According a the former basketball player's rep, Miller and Ali first met a supermarket in March. The two reportedly flirted like crazy and began texting each other over the next three months. On one occasion, they sent more than 50 texts to each other over a six-hour span, reports TMZ. The gossip site also obtained two provocative photos Ali Kay sent to Reggie Miller over her phone. 

Though the ex-Pacer admitted to the inappropriate flirting, he denies hooking up with Ali. He claims that he deleted Ali from his phone contact list in April, but she re-approached him in May. The next day, Reggie received a call from a not-so-pleased Alex. Reggie says that Alex then began to harass him and his friends—even hiring a private investigator to keep tabs on his activities.

In his defense, Furstenberg says he upped the ante when Reggie continued to pursue his fiancée. Both parties hired lawyers to file restraining orders against one another, though neither cases were ever officially filed. Reggie, Alex and the lawyers held a telephone conference over July 4 and were said to have settled the matter once and for all. Read: Finding Closure From A Cheating Ex-Fiance

Everything seemed hunky dory until this past weekend when the giant sign appeared over the beaches, winning Alex von Furstenberg 10 points for creativity, -40 for tact.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin