Fashion Meets Finance: True Love


Welcome to the dating happy hour where your salary is entry. It's pure romance.

Are you a frustrated fashion girl just aching to meet your finance man in shining Armani? Are you sick and tired of this whole "work" thing and ready just to throw in the resume and become a "tennis mom?" Marriage And Health: Damned If You Do And Don't

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions than boy do we have the happy hour for you!

The Fashion Meets Finance party—a perfume-drenched page ripped right out of Patrick Bateman's American Psycho—is where designer skirts and suits click-clack their way to midtown and (God willing!) get one step closer to earning their M.R.S. and M.R. degrees.

Like the popular boys and girls in high school, the organization carries with it an air of exclusivity. They make you prove your place of employment by business card at the door (so don't get any funny ideas!) and by RSVPing with your title and salary. Money-Saving Tips for Singles

No secrets here!

While the article in The New York Times crows (perhaps a bit mockingly) that the organization thinks the recession must be lifting as more fresh-faced finance guys and perky fashion ladies signed up, what's most awe-inducing is the shiny snapshot of women and men who unapologetically view love like they do choosing the right pair of shoes at Barney's. It's very, very logical.

“From my experience, I’ve dated lawyers and doctors and they’re nice; I just prefer finance,” Ms. Yanush said, before applying a fresh gloss of candy-apple-red lipstick in the ladies room. “My girlfriends who are in long-term relationships with finance guys are very happy.”

Sure we've heard these stereotypes, but we always thought of them as urban myths that make good television. Sex And The City II Plot Predictions

Unfortantely not for these poor bankers (what's left of them) who feel kicked around and lower on the Manhattan food chain.

“As the recession got worse, the magic bullet lost some of its mojo,” said the analyst, who asked not to be named to protect his employer, a private equity firm, from the publicity associated with the evening. “All my paralegal friends were suddenly getting dates and my banker friends weren’t.”

And just for fun, we'll have to thank The New York Times for sharing this tid bit from the Fashion Meets Finance website.

We fear that news of shrinking bonuses, banks closing and the Dow plummeting confused the gorgeous women of the city who understood that their shelf life is quick and fleeting like a senator’s South American love affair. The uncertainty caused panic which caused irrational decisions — there’s going to be a two-year blip in the system where a hot fashion girl might commit to a pharmaceutical salesman.”

Wow. No judgements here. Let's just hope that tidal wave of panic subsides. It sounds just awful!