Rumors Amuse Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler


The Bounty co-stars really like giving the gossip media the run-around.

If you've been keeping up with the tabloids lately, you'll know that Gerard Butler is tearing a swath through the ladies of Tinsel Town. The sexy Scot has been linked to Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz and poor-little-single-girl Jennifer Aniston. And Jennifer Aniston, for her part, has been tied to Bradley Cooper, John Mayer, Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler in the last 8 months alone. According to Entertainmentwise, this dating-by-association really tickles both Butler and Aniston. Read: Getting Ladies The Gerard Butler Way

The hunky highlander and the gal who will forever be Rachel Green (or Rachel Gellar, one hopes) started all of this dating conjecture by having the temerity to talk closely in a very loud and crowded press event in Toronto. Then, if only to fuel the fire (the sex and relationship fire), they decided to make a movie together, The Bounty. And then they demand our attention by pulling the stunt of walking arm in arm, deep in conversation on the beaches of southern California. Read: Gerard Butler Hearts Jennifer Aniston

Despite all of their tongue-in-cheek coyness, Gerard Butler wants you to know that he has contemplated making a pass at Jennifer Aniston (he is a man, after all). Per RadarOnline, Butler thought about propositioning Aniston for the "this is Sparta!" treatment while she was trussed up on the set of The Bounty but thought twice given her professional demeanor.

But maybe Jennifer Aniston isn't the gay for Gerard Butler. Per DigitalSpy, the former law student isn't necessarily into smart ladies. He says, more or less, that he's found different women attractive at different times. Sometimes dumb works and sometimes it's a smart lass he's after.

But before Butler lets us get too comfortable, he let's us know that, "Jen and I love it when there's three rumours in a day,” Butler said. “One day we were dating, we had split up and she was pregnant with John Mayer's baby!" and "Oh, Jennifer and I are getting married, then I'm marrying Cameron Diaz, then I'm marrying Joan Rivers and I'm going to be a busy guy." So, you heard it here first, Gerard Butler is going to marry Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Joan Rivers and raise John Mayer's love child. Gotta love that Scottish charm. Must be some combination of five o'clock shadow and the accent. But there wasn't really a denial anywhere in there, was there?

Photos via Bauer-Griffin