Last Tweet: DWTS Derek Hough & Shannon Elizabeth

shannon elizabeth

The Dancing With The Stars pro and American Pie star announce their parting on Twitter.

It was a match made in primetime reality competition heaven. A dashing pro dancer and a semi-famous "star" strutted and sashayed to orchestral renditions of pop songs and country ballads as millions cheered them on. Meanwhile, underneath the sequined costumes and behind each carefully choreographed step the two proved to be more than just a somewhat competent dance team; indeed, Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth were a saccharin sort of  love team. DWTS: Passion On The Dance Floor…And Off?

For the next year, the two could be seen together, gracing red carpets, holding hands, and bearing their giant teeth in a manner rarely seen outside of Disney straight-to-video movies.

But sadly, the dream, and the dance, were not to last. Yesterday evening (Friday, August 7th), Derek and Shannon announced the end of their relationship, as only two mildly recognizable reality show competitors could: via Twitter.

Proving to be as well choreographed on the social networking site as they once were on the dance floor, the pair sent out matching tweets, but with different pronouns. Twitter Flirting Rules

Hough's first message read: "Hi everyone, we wanted you all to know directly from us that Shannon & I have decided to end our relationship as boyfriend & girlfriend..." 

Elizabeth's second message, which concluded the chain, said: "however, we love & care about each other very much & will remain friends and in each other's lives."

Needless to say, we are broken up over this breakup. First Jon and Kate, and now what's-his-name and that girl from the American Pie movie.

We only hope that the two will learn to love again. And dance.

In the meantime, let's keep our fingers crossed that they don't tweet every emotion they're experiencing every minute of the day as they try to move on.

Scoop courtesy of People. Photo via Bauer Griffin.