The Links: Just Cuddling & Chick Flicks


Hairy beer bellies are sexy? Plus Charlyne Yi and chick flicks.

It's a summer Friday in New York City media… five years ago, the whole industry would be on its way to the Hamptons right now. These days we just phone it in on dog day afternoons (but we do not rob banks to pay for sex change operations). Here are links to great things other people have written this week:

Em & Lo summon their man panel to bat around this query: do dudes dread just sleeping over with a new date? Next time we'll ask the ladies how they respond to, "Is it creepy that I just want to sit here and watch you sleep?

Over at Lemondrop we learn that even the celebrities go through style crises after a breakup. Strange how Kate Hudson never, ever changes anything about her look or ages... is she… a…. robot?

According to the lads at Asylum, British birds (ladies) dig Nigels (gents) with little beer bellies. They also, per the survey, appreciate body hair. Yo!, next stop Piccadilly Circus, which is not actually a circus.

Over at Glamour, they share which new body part it is unacceptable to make fun of a guy about. It is not his califlowered wrestler's ears. This advice could save your relationship, especially if your boyfriend is a sensitive little baby incapable of withstanding even the teeniest joke at his expense.

The Huffington Post's Gretchin Rubin has 23 things to say in a fight. It's a thoughtful list but somehow leaves out, "I hate your face" and "Why can't you be more like your sister?" Read: How To Fight Like a Wife

Evidently the formulaic nature of chick flicks bothers the ladies of Jezebel as much as the guys at Esquire. Check out their discussion / dissection of the genre. I just like that someone else loves Some Kind Of Wonderful enough to mention it in a blog also. 

You may not know who Charlyne Yi is but you soon will. The spritely little comedic actress plays the stoner girlfriend in Knocked Up and is taking Michael Cera for a spin in the summer quirkfest Paper Heart. She hollers at Marie Claire with what she's learned about love from the cinema… "take birth control" from Knocked Up did not make the list.

I've never been terrible sure about the whole "type" business. Is "fun to be around and totally into me" even a type? My homegirl Simone Grant discusses type (or lack thereof) at Go for her great post, stay for the engaging, reader comments.

Sometimes powerful, fictional characters really make an impression on people. Over at The Frisky a woman discusses her personal Don Draper (Jon Hamm from Mad Men). I suppose it's better than dating a real-life Mr. Roper from Three's Company.

And at the YourTango home office: Read: 7 Traits Of Irresistible Men

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