Comment of the Day 08/08

Comment of the Day 08/08

Last week, one of our users JoeRocket posted an very provoking blog post in the community blogs (a bastion of awesome writing from our community!). Every week, we highlight one or two of our favorite blog posts and put it on the front page of our site.  His post "10 Secrets Men Keep from Women" has gotten you all going saying lovely insightful, hilarious and smart things.

Here are some of my favorites. A comment of the day  round up, if you will:

Dynamike wrote:

But as with all satire there is some truth to it. The enlightened woman will already know where that truth exists and the ignorant should try to weed through the humor for the truth.

BookMama retorted:

Maybe it would be good if some men tried a little more thinking and asked themselves why this kind of humor irritates women. Then instead of hanging out together laughing at idiotic stuff they could have relationships with women and, you know, sex.

And maybe it would be good if some of us women thought a little less. Then instead of trying to find the kernel of truth in everything we could just say, yeah, that's insulting and not very funny

MsLady quipped:

if I have enough of a connection with a guy to make love I don't think the fact that he likes southpark will do anything to deter that. I'm not looking for my identical twin to settle down with, however real relationships find common ground, and can be happy with that.

Qverb replied:

Maybe I'm just a lucky guy who has never had to lie, con, hustle, or be anything other than myself to get sex. If I don't want to see a certain movie then I tell her so. Its not a judgement of her and doesn't cut-off the possibility of sex later that night.

I actually prefer to take the time to talk with my woman so that we can resolve whatever issue it is that has come up, which means that I'll ask for the talk on occasion. Call me crazy but I guess its my way of showing love and providing support while nurturing our relationship.

Want more? Go over there and read it for yourself!