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Robert Pattinson Phone-Obsessed With Kristen

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Kristen Stewart is Robert Pattinson's most-dialed number, with reported 400 texts per month.

Get ready, this is juicy: Robert Pattinson reportedly calls and texts Kristen Stewart more than 12 times every day. YourTango: Text Message Flirting For Beginners

The Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse co-stars whose platonic romance mystifies us all are reportedly in constant contact. Celebitchy and National Enquirer have reported the following:

One bite away from eternal love? Vampire stud Robert Pattinson and his Twilight film co-star Kristen Stewart looked hot enough to fry steak on at Comic-Con… but here’s the new 411: Pattinson told a close pal he texts Kristen some 400 times a months!

He says a day doesn’t feel right unless he talks to her a dozen times a day - anything that goes through his mind, he relays to her.

(I once had an English boyfriend who did the same thing. At ten cents per British text I received and fifteen for every one sent, our phone bills whopped out of control.) Celebrity Love; Top 10 British Celebrity Crushes

But considering that Robert was driving a Porsche when he left Kristen's house yesterday (yep, that's what they're saying), clearly a cellular bill is no object. Now that they're back on the same coast after the summer apart, they're said to be spending a lot more time together. However buzz suggests that Kristen still has Robert guessing, as no one knows whether she and Michael Angarano are on, off or if they ever actually broke up.

One thing's for sure: if we were Michael Angarano, we'd buy Kristen a new cell phone. A sexy English vampire boy with a Porsche is nothing to mess around with.

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