Mutsugoto: Long-Distance Tool A Little Too Odd?

mutsugoto long distance love

Does a bedtime light show help bridge the gap between long distance lovers?

Forget phone sex, Skype strip teases and erotic G-chats—all of you in long distance relationships may soon be able to hop in bed and draw on each other with light—no matter how far away you are. Long Distance Relationship Tech Tips

Sound bizarre? Well, it is. But we'll do our best to explain.

Mutsugoto, developed by Distance Labs and artist Tomoko Hayashi, uses computers, cameras and artificial lights to bridge the gap between long-distance lovers.

This is about to get really LSD-infused, SciFi channel so bear with us. In order for Mutsugoto to work, both people wear touch-activated rings and have to mount cameras on top of their beds. According to their website, the camera's internal vision system tracks the movements of the ring and turns them into light strokes. Ideally, you are supposed to trace your own body or write little messages on your pillow or whatnot. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is wearing the same ring then those beams of light will be transmitted to their beds in the same place.

Odd, right? We're not sold this newfangled contraption builds intimacy anymore than, oh, a telephone call or text message, but Mutsugato will be put to test with couples living (apart, we presume) in Europe this summer.

We think we'll pass on this light show. But we're sure a good brainstorming session amongst these scientists could produce something a bit more hot and sexy we'd be willing to give a whirl.