O.J's Ex Hires Lawyer To Keep Him In Jail

O.J's Ex Hires Lawyer To Keep Him In Jail

Concerned for her safety, Christie Prody hires hot-shot lawyer to keep O.J. behind bars.

O.J. Simpson is in prison—but doesn't think he should be. At least for the 33-year sentence he received in December 2008 for robbery, kidnapping and weapons charges involving a 2007 run-in with a pair of memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas motel room.

Incidentally, according to the National Enquirer: "A script for the film version of the book Busted!—ex-con Thomas Riccio's account of the bungled 2007 Sin City heist—has been making the rounds at top Tinseltown agencies and studios, where it's caught the eye of filmmakers Nick Cassavetes and Martin Scorsese, among others."

Perhaps in an effort to retain a bit of creative control over the forthcoming project, the 62-year-old's attorneys argued on Monday before the Nevada Supreme Court that he should be released pending his appeal. Among the people who do not wish to see O.J. Simpson released from prison is the footballer's now ex-girlfriend Christie Prody.

Christie would not want to see him released because she is concerned that he might try to see her,' Prody's attorney Gloria Allred told RadarOnline.com exclusively. 'She is concerned that he is dangerous and she fears for her safety.'

Prody was a fresh-faced 20-year-old Nicole Brown-lookalike when she met Simpson. Back then she told her family and friends she didn't believe he'd murdered his ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldman. Over their 13 years together, however, their relationship became increasingly violent, with numerous calls to 911 and allegations of drug and alcohol abuse.

A decision on Simpson's request for bail could come at any time. [Radar]

While she may have a point, re-introducing Simpson in her life may have a few benefits: 16 Reasons To Date A Convict

Then again, maybe not. Make that definitely not. After all, this is O.J. Simpson we're talking about. Someone give Prody a direct line to the Brown/Goldman legal representation stat.

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