9 On-Screen Vixens We Channel

Megan Fox

The Saved by the Bell and Megan Fox crazes this week inspired our hottest wonder women list.

Vixen: a female fox. This may be the animal kingdom's term, but culturally we have come to regard characters who are sexy and strong as well as demanding and dangerous to be vixens.

This week, showbiz celebrated these femme fatales—Megan Fox got her own awareness day (or on some sites like YourTango, we humorously blacklisted her to celebrate babe-alicious Betty White instead), and with the Saved by the Bell reunion in People, it was impossible not to recall some of the female heartbreakers we grew up with.

Blanche Deveraux Rue McClanahan portrayed the irresisitible Blanche on The Golden Girls from 1985 to 1992. She was a character both we and our grandmas could love with her ageless and unabashed sexual appetite and appeal. My Facebook page advertises my favorite Blanche quote when Dorothy says, "There's a man on our lawn!" to which Blanche replies, "Get the net!"Sex And The City: A 2nd Rate Golden Girls?

Samantha Jones You think we'd write a vixen list and leave off Kim Cattrall? The 52-year-old still oozes fierce sexiness on the screen and in real life. Since the breakup of her third marriage in 2004, she's been linked to everyone from athletes to the prime minister of Canada. Sounds like a little black book we'd fight for.

Vanessa Williams Remember she started out as Miss America then had her crown taken away after a Playboy shoot was revealed? Heck with that. Two marriages, a few albums and a couple movies later she bounced back to become one of the best known black actresses today. Her role as Wilhelmina Slater on ABC's Ugly Betty has set the stage for cougars everywhere. Am I A Cougar?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar made vampires hot before it was cool. Buffy was a tough-ass icon for girls, gays and lonely old men, and now with the Buffy media empire is behind her, Sarah and hubby Freddie Prinze are ready for parenthood at any moment.

Roxy LeBlanc Lifetime's Army Wives has won the hearts of millions of viewers, and at the core of the show's spirit is the sharp-tongued, quick-witted, always-up-for-nookie Roxy LeBlanc. Sally Pressman's character juggles momhood, wifedom, friends and a business and is never too tired for her man. Amazing. 4 Life And Love Lessons From 'Army Wives'

Eva Longoria Parker as Gabrielle Solis There may be no female TV character as complex as Desperate Housewives' Gaby Solis. The manipulation, the affair with the gardener, the murder, the tortured mother. Somehow she's still with Carlos, demonstrating that sometimes sexiness comes from the most unexpected place: commitment. Top 10 Best TV Husbands

Angela Bassett Remember How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Waiting to Exhale? This woman will not be defeated. Her sensual, savvy roles have earned her nominations for the Emmy, Oscar and Golden Globe and a film gross of over $750 million. We're convinced: strong women come out on top.

Kelly Kapowski Yep, Tiffani Amber Thiessen was the quintessential '90s girl next door, and Saved by the Bell set the precedent for "platonic" high school friendships with a super-secret crush. While the Jessie Spanos and Lisa Turtles of the world were whining about school stress and boys, Kelly Kapowski was breaking hearts with that innocent face—not to mention what Tiff went on to do at Melrose.

Wendy and Cindy Lubbock Who could forget the Lubbock Babes from Growing Pains' spinoff Just the Ten of Us? Cindy and Wendy were the redheaded/blonde duo, the troublemaker twins who coined "Hieeee" as one of the best words to pick up boys. I still use Cindy's line when I don't want to give a guy my real name: "Call me Cindy...emphasis on the sin."