Comment of the Day 08/05

Comment of the Day 08/05

There are a lot of great comments lighting up the site this week. Some of the biggest debates are happening over here on a community blog posts about lies men tell to women, an article about things single women hate to hear, and one about looks in long term relationships. Check them out and I hope you weigh in. We have such a thoughtful insightful community, that means you. So join in the fray, or start a new debate on a newer article or topic.

I do my best to monitor the comments and debates carefully, but if you have any concerns you can email me at

Today's comment of the day comes in response to an article about inner beauty. Barbiedoll1 writes:

Looks can come to one at any age. Like the ugly duckling, a woman can grow into her looks as late as 50 in some cases. I know because I am that woman. I've been the plain woman and the sought after woman who when I reveal my age people do not believe me. It's not all about the looks that determine if you are wanted or not. It has to do with what's inside moreso, I believe. Self esteem and confidence will take you places and open doors just as wide as they open for the gorgeous part of the population.

Thanks, Barbiedoll1. Hope to hear more from you in the future.


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