Bachelorette: 'I Feel So Awful' About Ed's Flings

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Ed Swiderski admits to another relationship during The Bachelorette.

Ed Swiderski may not be the lovesick loyal puppy ABC's The Bachelorette has portrayed him to be. Just one week after his proposal to Jillian Harris aired on ABC's The Bachelorette, two women have stepped forward and reported that Ed had relationships with both of them according to

Lindsey Johnson and Bethany Steffen have both claimed to have had relationships with Ed prior to and during his taping of the show. Reportedly he strung them both along for months, even for a period of time after he and Jillian were engaged. Cheating Keeps Us Together

While some sources have said that Jillian is devastated and that her relationship with Ed is destroyed, Jillian's chin is staying up. "I am not destroyed!" she says. "There's a little bit of anxiety that comes with this news, but I am absolutely not destroyed."

Ed has admitted that when things were starting up with Jillian, he did have Lindsey Johnson on his mind. “When I left for this show we were not dating, but I certainly still had feelings for her.”

Jillian's response has been patient and open-minded, as she says she understands the emotional conflict that old flames present. She's said that she only cares about Ed's fidelity after the official engagement and that since the proposal, "he's been so open with me." She continued, "He’s told me all of this, every little text message and every little phone call. I use his computer." Should You Tell A Friend Her Husband Is Cheating?

She says that despite the painful news, she has chosen to trust Ed: “I feel so awful, but since we’ve been home and since we’ve been engaged we’ve been exclusive and he’s done nothing wrong.” He has told her that all communication after the engagement was strictly on the friendship tip. Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Meanwhile their wedding plans are reportedly still in tact. Jillian told People, "Last night...he said to me ‘I can’t wait to get married to you. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.’ Our relationship is very legitimate and it’s getting stronger. We’re a team and we’re going to get through this."

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