Penelope Cruz Preggers With Javier Bardem's Baby?

penelope cruz, javier bardem

The 'Vicki Cristina Barcelona' co-stars and longtime lovers may have an empanada in the oven.

Move over Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, a new meeting of phenomenally hot celebrity DNA has got the gossip tongues wagging. Pregnancy rumors have been hounding actress Penelope Cruz for months now.

Yesterday, came forward with a source who can confirm that Cruz indeed has an empanada in the oven with longtime lover Javier Bardem.

"Penelope is about four months pregnant," the source says. "She's really healthy now and will be a great mother."

As further evidence, the Oscar-winning actress has been looking a little plumper than usual and according to Life & Style, recently quit smoking. While the latter could be the cause for the former, gossip also hit a high this year at the Cannes Film Festival when Penelope missed some press time because of "food poisoning." Some speculated she had morning sickness instead. 

Javier and Penelope started dating in 2007 while filming Woody Allen's sexy Vicky Cristina Barcelona in which the two Oscar winners played estranged but magnetic lovers. (Ring a Mr. and Mrs. Smith bell to anyone?)

And while Cruz has previously stated that she wants babies eventually, she's not so keen on tying the knot. "When I [have babies], I want to do it really well. I want it to be my best project in life. I don't know if I believe in marriage. I believe in family, love and children," she said to Britain's Psychologies magazine. Read: The New Way To Have It All: First Baby, Then Love

Neither Javier or Penelope have confirmed anything to the press yet, so perhaps this is just the public displacing their wishful thinking on the Spanish starlet. After all, a Bardem-Cruz baby will likely come out of the womb playing hot Spanish guitar with a rose in his or her mouth. Read: Having A Baby Improved My Sex Life

Scoop via Celebitchy, Photo via Bauer-Griffin