Jennifer Aniston, Single Girl Poster Child

Jennifer Aniston single

Jennifer Aniston has become the face of unlucky-in-love women everywhere. How is she with that?

Elle magazine has released a juicy interview with the always-endearing Jennifer Aniston. In excerpts released from Elle's September issue, Jen sheds light on where she stands with the public scrutiny of her love life...or, often these days, lack thereof. Why Am I Still Single?

"If I'm the emblem for 'this is what it looks like to be the lonely girl getting on with her life,' so be it," Jen said. "I'm not going to ignore the pink elephant in the living room. It's fine. I can take it."

Maybe she can take it, but she's rarely the one who leaves. In her relationships with Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, John Mayer and most recently Bradley Cooper, it's always the guys who bolt. Jen's aware that the public sees her heartbreak, especially when she's continually typecast in love-underdog roles. She calls her characters a "strange parallel" to her real life but says that she'd welcome a role in a happily-ever-after movie in which her life could finally imitate her art. "If any of you have a project entitled 'Everlasting Love with a Stable Adult Male,' I'm at table 6!" she said. She's grown well known for her self-deprecating romantic quips.

Meanwhile in an Oprah interview last year, Jen said she disagrees with the notion that she's been unlucky in love. "I actually feel I've been unbelievably lucky," she said. She also claimed she's happy for her exes' accomplishments after the breakup. Brad Pitt is one in particular whom she has publicly wished well: "He's done some amazing things in the last couple of years," Jen said. "So I just think he’s doing great."

CNN has reported that Bette Midler has a solution for Jen: stop dating the a-holes in showbiz and find somebody rich. As long as she keeps her chin up, romantic karma's gonna work out.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.