7 First Date Items To Avoid

alarm clock

Pets, your mother, and other things to leave at home on a first date.

Flowers, chocolate, and wine. Boys, take note. These are three safe items to bring on a date, and probably (with some exceptions) the only things you really need to bring besides yourself. In fact, although gifts are appreciated, most women are happy enough if you offer to pay the meal. Watch: 16 Essential First-Date Tips

What not to bring? An alarm clock for one. Lemondrop reported that in an overly bold gesture, one man arrived at his date's home bearing wine, cheese, and an alarm clock. Sure, depending, some women may be OK with sleeping with a guy on the first date, but it's less than romantic when it's simply expected. Not to mention the extra diss that we aren't technologically savvy enough to own our very own time-telling beeping machine. We suppose breakfast and morning cuddling are out of the question then as well.

In the spirit of preventing men from bringing some equally questionable items on their first date with them, here's a list of some first date item faux paus.

1.  Wedding ring.

Yes, it's nice to know you are willing to commit, but bringing a wedding ring to a first date will have us running in the other direction before you can spit out the proposal. It may have us question where and how you got it, crazy.

2.  Photo of your ex.

Bringing a photo of your ex-girlfriend, or even wearing an outfit your ex-wife picked out for you generally tells us one thing: you're still not over her. Whether you're bashing her or praising her name, either way, we know we aren't the number one woman in your life. Read: Reasons Not To Get Back With Your Ex

3. Sex toys, a maid's uniform, your copy of Playboy, and your favorite sex book.

Similar to the alarm clock, don't bombard us with your dreams of getting into our pants before we've even discovered your last name.

4. Your dog/cat/goldfish you can't live without

Don't get us wrong. We love animals as much as the next person, but unless our date involves a walk in the park or a visit to the veterinarian, bringing your favorite pet along would seem a little out of place. After all, we didn't put all this time and energy into getting ready just to have you make googly eyes at Tinkerbell while feeding her doggie ice cream. Read: Pet Jealousy And How To Deal With It

5. A gun, knife, or any other weapon.

Unless you're a policeman or hold some other such occupation, there is little to no reason why you should bring a weapon on a first date (or any dates after for that matter). This will only arouse suspicion on her part that you are, in fact, have been featured on America's Most Wanted. Likewise, try your best to leave the hardcore narcotics at home.

6. Your mother

Meeting your mother and/or other overbearing family members is not a first date activity unless you would like your date to suffer from a small heart attack. Yes, in high school you might be casually introduced to the parents, but that was when you also had a midnight curfew. As a general rule, keep the family interaction to a minimum on a first date, or else she might think you're a bit of a mama's boy who will always choose his mother over his girlfriend. Read: 5 Things Your Mother-In-Law Won't Admit

7. Her dating profile, biography, and online credit card information

We like the fact that you've taken the time to learn more about us. But straight up stalking is not only creepy; it also takes the fun out of a date. A date, after all, is supposed to be about getting to know another person and seeing if you have a connection. Not to mention that the information on dating profiles might not always be 100 percent accurate. But you didn't hear that from us. Read: Top 8 Reasons Online Dating Is Great

What other items should you make sure to leave at home on a first date?