President Obama Marks Birthday, Shares Cupcakes


And he's getting better at bowling, he swears.

President Barack Obama celebrated his 48th birthday today by bringing cupcakes and singing to veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas in front of the assembled press corps. Helen, the first woman to be a member of the presidential press corps, turned 89. Press secretary Robert Gibbs reported that the president also marked his birthday a few days ago, celebrating with his family and friends from Chicago and Hawaii over the weekend at Camp David.

"He had a lot of fun over the weekend despite some people not believing he bowled a 144," Gibbs said. The president notoriously bowled a miserable 37 last year on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania, but it appears he's enjoying the use of Richard Nixon's bowling alley at Camp David (the presidential retreat, which FDR called Shangri-La, was renamed for Dwight D. Eisenhower's grandson David, who later married Nixon's daughter Julie. Enjoy using that at your next pub quiz). "I made this note at 9:32 p.m. on Saturday," Gibbs said. "'POTUS bowled 144.' I had a beer in one hand and a bowling ball in the other." What Sports Can Tell You About Men

The president had a birthday lunch with most of the Senate's Democratic representatives, intent on pushing his health care bill through that chamber of the congress. The senators sang "Happy Birthday," as did a group of schoolkids on a White House tour. The children broke into song on the mansion's North Portico, so loudly that their voices were audible in the West Wing. The White House did not share whether or not the president and First Lady have plans to celebrate together on a parents' night out in the near future.

In addition to Ms. Thomas, the president also shares his birthday with Tom Hanks's son Chet, Lost's Daniel Dae Kim, novelist Dennis Lehane, pitcher Roger Clemens, nineteenth-century poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, and former attorney general Alberto Gonzales. It's also Revolution Day in Burkina Faso, which is a country in western Africa and not where the president was born. And keep coming back to YourTango for all your trivial minutia needs.

Via MSNBC. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.