Kate Gosselin Shines As Single Mom

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Jon & Kate Plus 8's season premiere shows newly single Kate conquering momhood without Jon.

Last night's highly-anticipated season premiere of TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 was, amazingly, not as drama-ridden as we had anticipated. Jon was almost completely absent, while Kate shocked us in her shining new role as a single mom.

Despite expectations, the dynamic quite suits her. Last night's two episodes began taping in May just as the Gosselins announced their earth-shaking divorce. Kate opened the show saying matter-of-factly, "We have to start over...The official [divorce] decisions have been made...[and that's made for] more of a sense of peace."

The decisions were made, but Kate was noticably conflicted over them. She called the split "very, very difficult"and still was sporting her wedding band. For her "first official turn" with the kids when she took them on vacation to the beach, she said Jon "was a constant thought on my mind."

But don't get too sappy: that was the only good thing she had to say about him. Kate took on her usual bite as she and Jon made kitchen remodel decisions in the minimal moments they orbited the same scene, asking him, "What planet do you live on?" She called the circumstances surrounding their breakup "horrendous," and during a camping outing the kids told her, "Daddy knows everything about a tent." Without missing a beat Kate slammed the tent-pitching master with this response: "Well he's not here."

She executed beach vacation and a campout with s'mores with ease and told the cameras, "I'll do anything for my kids." In Defense Of Kate Gosselin

Jon's near-total absence seems to say a thousand words, as the few comments he made were that he missed the kids but that he and Kate "needed a break from each other." We're in hot anticipation of the debut of the Gosselin's new romantic interests, who have been confirmed by TLC to make an appearance this season. Jon & Kate Plus 8 And New Mates?

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