Love Bytes: Birth Control for Men?

love bytes

Plus, three scorned ladies stick it to their cheating lover. Talk about Ick.

Love Bytes: Five must-click sex, love and relationship links.

Science takes us one step closer to developing birth control for men. The key? Mutant genes that keep those spermies from swimming. [The Frisky]

Three Scorned Women vs. One Cheating Man. [Lemondrop] Watch: Revenge On Your Ex: Is It Worth It?

Beware a scorned woman. Or in this case, three scorned women. So goes this classic tale: Married dude courts three ladies. Ladies find out. Ladies lure dude into hotel room with promise of massage. Once inside, ladies glue dude's private parts with Krazy Glue.
A new term, courtesy the ladies at Glamour, for describing the creeping urge of romantic disgust: The Ick. [Glamour's Smitten]
Online Dating in College, Love It or Loathe It? [College Candy] Watch: Online Dating Red Flags
Charlyne Yi, star of upcoming mockumentary Paper Heart, shares her favorite love lessons learned from movies. [Marie Claire]

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