Brad: Angie Is Irresponsible & Obsessed With Death


Emotionally drained by "morbid," "irresponsible" Angelina, Brad sulks to Nick Drake.

Who would have thought Brad Pitt to be the persnickety one in the relationship? Last we heard, Brad was having a cow over Angelina's culinary selections for their children (reportedly steaming mad over her red-meat fetish); but like most tabloid hearsay it seems to be much ado about nothing. Case in point, the latest pictures of the seemingly happy couple were shot at a McDonald's drive-through with Papa Pitt at the wheel. Angelina Feeds Children Flesh, Brad "Upset"

Nevertheless, the media has two more stories circulating that detail several specifics on Brad's ever-growing list of Things Angelina Is Doing Wrong. To begin with, he's sick of her fascination with death. According to the Daily Mail, an "inside source" has revealed that "[Angelina] been trying to persuade Brad to make a decision on where they should be buried but he thinks the whole thing is morbid." 

Moving on, Brad also thinks Angelina is "irresponsible," citing her recent decision to take son Maddox on a tour of an Iraqi refugee camp on July 23. From In Touch Weekly, print edition, via Celebitchy:

It was intended as an early eighth birthday present for their son Maddox. But Angelina Jolie's decision to take the little boy to what Brad Pitt saw a dangerous war zone brought on one of the troubled couple's biggest fights yet. According to a close associate, Brad was livid after Angelina went against his wishes, taking Maddox to Iraqi refugee camps on July 23. 'He told her that it's no place for a child Maddox's age,' the associate explains. 'But she insisted it wasn't dangerous and took him anyway.' After Maddox and Angelina returned from their three-day trip to [Iraq and Jordan], Brad lashed out at Angelina. 'He called her irresponsible,' explains the associate. 'He had told her taking Maddox to Iraq was ridiculously dangerous, but she disrespected his wishes and went anyway.' Instead of talking things through… Angelina fired back at Brad. 'She said Brad's ignorance about how dangerous Iraq is underlines why she should take trips there with Maddox—so he can know better."

Perhaps Ange has a point. Still, it seems fair that war-zone border crossings should be a shared parental decision. Other interesting criticisms and factiods culled from In Touch Weekly:

  • "They're keeping things civil for the sake of the kids, but their relationship has pretty much dissolved into nothing more than co-parenting."
  • "Angelina has been 'turning to' Holly Goline, her former assistant because she needs friends. "
  • "Brad has 'made it clear he's past caring and emotionally he has moved on from Angie.'"
  • "Brad is looking forward to the Inglourious Basterds press tour, and is planning on being "on the road for awhile."
  • "Meanwhile, Angelina has no plans to join Brad for any part of the press tour, yet she's still very jealous of 'gorgeous, intelligent' Diane Kruger."

The more interesting/telling revelation, however, comes from Grazia magazine on the music selection that neighbors have been reportedly hearing waft from the separate two-bedroom house that Pitt is renting away from the shared family home. A neighbor of his new lodge-style home told the magazine: "He only moved in quite recently. There have been a couple of nights when we've heard him playing Nick Drake quite loudly." [Source]

Here's one guess at what's in his iPod shuffle: Nick Drake, Time Has Told Me. Lyrics:

So I'll leave the ways that are making me be / What I really don't want to be / Leave the ways that are making me love / What I really don't want to love.

What's your guess?