Kirsten Dunst Chasing Robert Pattinson


Former vampire tries to get her fangs into sparkly emo vampire.

Kirsten Dunst is throwing her hat into the ring of young Hollywood starlets scratching each other's eyes out for a piece of the hot, hot Robert Pattinson action. Sneaky sources tell Star that the snaggle-toothed Spider-Man actress is smitten with pretty, beleaguered Rob and wants him for her very own. She'll have to elbow aside a pack of girls including Megan Fox, Dakota Fanning, and oh, for crying out loud, Paris Hilton, to get to that unkempt, magnificent mess, though.

"Kirsten is absolutely infatuated with him and thinks he would be the ideal boyfriend," a friend of hers tells Star, which only proves that this friend lives under a rock, because when we think "ideal boyfriend" we rarely add "never washes" and "is constantly trailed by a mob of weeping tenth graders" to our list of must-haves.

But Kirsten must see beyond the raggy flannel shirts and bird's nest hair, either that or she still lives in the '90s and digs that in a man, because she's been sending Rob "flirty texts" all summer since meeting him in New York while he was shooting that movie with Emilie de Ravin that causes him to get fake beat up all the time. She's also been lobbying for a part in the third film in Stephenie Meyer's antifeminist vampire saga, Eclipse, which begins filming this fall. "She thinks they would have a lot in common," her friend says. 

Hmm. Let's see. Pale. Wonky teeth. Affection for on-screen bloodsucking. Often chased by sad middle-aged women who should know better? Yeah, that's just him. We think this could be a good thing for Rob, though. If he snuggles up to Kirsten for his remaining days in New York before heading back to film Eclipse, maybe the new relationship will deflect the fangirls' hatred from his one true cuddle bunny, KStew, and leave the two monosyllabic lovebirds alone to carve each other's names into their forearms. He'll just have to make sure not to call Kristen Kirsten, because girls hate that.

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Via Celebitchy. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.