Do Not Kiss & Tell On Saudi TV

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A man from Jeddah is in serious trouble for bragging about his sex life on TV.

A quick word to the wise, if you live in a conservative country*, flaunting your disregard for traditional mores is not a great way to make friends and influence people.

Per Reuters, a man named Mazen Abdul-Jawad went into hiding for two weeks after appearing in an episode of the sensual program Ahmar Bilkhat al-Areed (Wide Red Lines). Dude describes his sex life, gives pointers to those looking to spice up their sack time and even provides tips (heh) on how to score with locals in the Red Sea-side city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Read: Where Divorce Means Risking Death

Personally, I thought the dude was totally full of it (and by "it," I mean "boloney") when he referenced Blue Toothing and the seductive power of his red convertible (which I will call "The Burka Dropper 2"), but the local audience has taken this fellow's lessons quite seriously. Angry phone callers peppered the TV station with angry phone calls. Bloggers and various people with opinions demanded Mazen Abdul-Jawad's censure, some even felt that he should be stoned to death (in accordance with a specific interpretation of the Quran or perhaps Hadith).

According to, Police brought the "braggart" Mazen Abdul-Jawad and two accomplices into custody and an investigation into whether or not the material was meant to advocate sinful behavior is underway, believe you me. It's estimated that Ahmar Bilkhat al-Areed (translated as Bold Red Lines here) will be canceled due to this scandal. No word on whether or not "The Burka Dropper 2" will be impounded. 

Will this incident lead to a candid dialogue in the Kingdom of Saud? Is Osama Bin Laden slamming his head against a cave wall somewhere (probably Pakistan)? Will religious conservatives finally concede that male sexuality is a beautiful thing that shouldn't be hidden behind a closed curtain any longer? Hopefully, this case has an enough international appeal that his punishment won't be severe (like if you're a music producer who gets arrested for cocaine possession in Dubai).

*It should be noted that America, while often very conservative, could more accurately be called schizophrenic with regard to our stance on "moral" issues (ie one of the more conservative media brands also pimps the most salacious content, weird).