3 Reasons It's Great To Be A Bridesmaid

birde and bridesmaid

Being a bride's right-hand woman is great. Here's why.

This past weekend I was in beautiful Tacoma, Washington (Ryan’s hometown!). My sorority sister Cameron was getting married and I was in the wedding. I had a blast!

Being a bridesmaid gets a bad rap, especially because of 27 Dresses. Personally, I find it to be quite an honor (but ask me again in 23 more dresses). Usually when you're a member of the bridal party, you think of the hassle and expense, but I had so much fun that today, I'm going to remind us all why it's good to be a bridesmaid. In no particular order:

1. You enjoy access to interesting relatives. First of all, I hadn't seen some of my sorority sisters in eight years, so that was awesome. And on our way to the salon, we all rode in a car with Cameron's mom, who had been in the same sorority back in the day. She sang us some old songs that were not in the sorority handbook. One was about having the legs of Betty Grable (and other stars' body parts), and another song was about losing your virginity to an SAE. Hilarious!

2. You are visible to all the male guests. Cameron's wedding had about 300 peeps in attendance. I think all the singletons had a plus one on their invitation, because one look around the room and everyone seemed to be babysitting someone else. But if there had been a dateless single guy, he would have been able to spot me in my VIP uniform parading down the aisle, and then he'd be able to find me later on the dance floor if he were interested. "Is It Open Bar?" 34 Thoughts We Have At Weddings

3. You get a front row view to the reason we're all here. I really loved watching the ceremony from up at the altar, and getting to see a live man who was actually ready for commitment. That was a good thing for me to witness. It reminded me that marriage is possible. Because yes, I do forget sometimes.

Written by Erin Meanly for Single-ish.

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