Comment of the Day 07/31

Comment of the Day 07/31

Today's comment of the day, again, comes from the Ask YourTango Forums where users are dishing out great advice and asking heartfelt questions. Recently, Larissa told us about a boy who wants to have sex with her but doesn't seem to want the relationship. He keeps pushing her, but Larissa is holding off. What Q has to say in response, we think is a lesson for women everywhere:

Here is the clear cut rule on this, and it doesn't matter if he is
after you for sex or something else. You have a boundary that you set
up, a line that you don't want to cross with him yet. If he is not
going to respect your boundaries then he does not deserve to be with
you...period. If you aren't ready to sleep with him then don't.
Sleeping with him will not guarantee that he will stay with you or that
he will be happy or anything like that.

Stick to your guns on any boundaries that you set up. Its not a
matter of you being a prude or frigid or anything else that he may try
to call you. Its a matter of you doing exactly what you say you will
and sticking to your boundaries. The right guy for you will start
showing he is the right guy for you by respecting your boundaries.